Channel Agence de Presse

Co-operative news agency for freelance journalists
Channel Agence de Presse, CAPresse, is an international co-operative press agency composed of independent multimedia journalists working in France, Belgium, United-Kingdom, Italy or Switzerland. We bring together professional skills in print, radio, Web and TV.
Capresse, which is born to pool resources and give its members the benefice of belonging to an official news agency, is a collaborative tool for journalists and news’ professionals. Our agency counts journalists, technicians and administrators. We benefit from a rich support network including a publishing company, a video production company, a communication agency – Channel Agence de Communication – and a training co-operative dedicated to journalists. All these affiliated companies are managed by one member of Capresse. To have a cooperative and collaborative mind-set as well as sharing resources and wealth are the pillars/motto of our agency. Capresse can provide any kind of content and news on all topics in France as well as abroad.

CAPresse network

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Production of content on all topics and/or creation of layout for your newspaper, magazine or Fanzine. We have the resources to manage the process from A to Z and bring your concept to life.

Video production

Production of content for TV, B2B, and production companies: news, corporate reports, documentaries, TV program…


Creation and production of radio broadcasting programs. Production of news reports, interviews. Live streaming, duplex.


Blogging, production of content, communication, webzines. Strategical survey.  
Our skills : To collect, process and format information and produce written and audio-visual content in order to feed media companies.

Thanks to the in-depth experience of our professional journalists and our network throughout the globe, we can also propose our content in 12 languages or provide a translation services for your content: German, English, Arabic, Chinese simplified and traditional, Espanol, Farsi, Flemish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.


A co-op News Agency.

More than the production of different kind of contents that covers all the media industry, from print to TV production, our company finds its purpose by bringing freelance journalists under a single banner with the idea to develop joint projects and professional networking/solidarity.


Our team is composed of professional multimedia journalists, copywriter, photographs and graphic designers.

We all have a solid experience and work on a regular basis with media companies in Europe.

Our Agency operates either as a punctual reinforcement to provide contents on demand or we can be an outsourcing provider and take in charge the entire content of your publication.

Our tools.

Our journalists are working with professional equipment that we select with in mind a motto: innovation, functionality and modernism. Some of our collaborators have their own material in order to be more proactive and independent: Avid and Final Cut Pro X editing computer, radio-controlled drone DJI Phatom, Canon EOS, Cameras Go-Pro and Panasonic HDC-MDH1 full HD, Microphones AKG and Sennheiser (cardioid stereo electret pole handheld and lapel microphones…), control room, portable studio photo, audio and video recording studio (chromakey), dedicated Server DMZ…

Références clients

Quelques médias qui ont placé leur confiance dans notre agence